Commercial Lifestyle

Wood & Co will work with you, your brand manager, interior designer, architect basically anyone you have involved in your project, alternatively we can help design your campaign, brochure, marketing and web presence by putting you in touch with trusted professionals. We can work with an art director or we can interpret your brief.

What is Commercial Lifestyle Photography?

  • Capturing the look of ‘real life’ often for luxury brands.
  • Putting people in places to show and sell your product and the lifestyle of the target market.
  • Creating a desire via the artistic presentation of your product / brand in surroundings that suit.
  • Ensuring your product appeals¬†to your targeted client.
  • Designing the storyboard in association with experts in marketing and design.
  • Almost 100% on location.
  • We would be happy to scout and secure locations for you and deliver clear and concise images, maps and plans in conjunction with our experts to assist in the decision making process.

Can you give us some idea of costs?

  • It all depends on your project, planning required and the execution of the shoot / re-touch / end usage.
  • Shoot pricing would always be based on a half or full day tariff to include basic colour correction